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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Indonesia Broadcasting Expo (IBX) 2014

guess who?
free photo booth at TransTV stand
Indonesia Broadcasting Expo 2014 is the biggest broadcasting expo in Indonesia. IBX being held on October 29th - 31st 2014 from 10.00am until 19:00pm at Trans Convention Center, The Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung. The theme for this year is "The Future is Ours".

In this 3 days, all of the visitors will feel pampered with all of the programs, such as exhibition, seminar, workshop, job fair, citizen journalism contest, TV & radio program, open casting, photo booth, entertainment and also door prize.

So if you feel curious with IBX 2014, just come to The Trans Luxury Hotel. OH i almost forgot, if you are interested in any broadcasting jobs, you also can bring your resume with you because there are so many job opportunities related broadcasting.

For the further info, you can visit this link

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


old photo (taken by Alvin Ganda)
Today i don't feel like doing anything, i just wanna lay in my bed.
I just chatting and playing the most mainstream game in LINE that's called LET'S GET RICH! hahahaha xD
In the evening, my mom landed safely in Bandung. She came back from Semarang, so we went to the nearest foodcourt to take some food and she went back to Cianjur (my hometown).
After that, i just went back to my rent room and back to my previous activities, chatting and playing get rich.
I'm working in the morning tomorrow SO LAZYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate morning shift because i'm not a morning person :((((

ps: random post

Monday, October 27, 2014

Cut my hair

lemme take a selfie
I just cut my hair two days ago at small saloon near my rent room.
I don't know what's the name of the hairstyle but i really like my new hairrrrrrrrrr ♥
After cut my hair, i did a photoshoot in my room.
ps: only closeup and half body because it's small space and i couldn't do fullbody photoshoot here :(

Which one better? With or without makeup?
Maybe in the next post, i should edit my photos first in the photoshop to make it brighter, smoother and of course prettier HAHAHAHA xD

No make up version:

no comment for this one HAHAHA
my favorite pose :p
small eyes

a little bit blurry but i like this one ♥♥♥

Make up version:

flat face and a bit blurry (again)

Cache cache crop tee
Houndstooth legging
Pink necklace (bought from online shop)
Panda earring (also bought from online shop)

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Hey, how's your day? 
Mine is pretty boring, i have some routinity that should be passed day by dayyyyyyyy.

Is it boring enough? Of course it is!!
I should pass it because it's my 2nd on the job training as a hospitality management student. OH GOD WHY??!!??!?
Okay enough, if i continue it you guys also will feel bored.

In my first post, i would like to share little things about my experiences in The Trans Luxury Hotel. The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung is officially opened on June 30th, 2012. This is a 6 stars Urban Resort Hotel located in the center of Bandung lifestyle, beside the Trans Studio Mall and one of the biggest indoor theme park, Trans Studio Bandung, Indonesia.

The Trans Luxury Hotel is owned by CT Corp. The chairman and founder of CT Corp Indonesia is Chairul Tanjung. He is an Indonesian businessman, one of Indonesia's richest people. He obtained a bachelor degree at Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia.

Soooooooooo i'm doing my on the job training here as a Front Office from August 2014 until January 2015. Do you know what is it? I'll tell you a lil bit i knew, the frontliner are often the first point of contact for hotel guests. Their manner and appearance often leave the customer with a lasting impression of the establishment.They are the key members of staff who can play an important part in securing return business. *enough enough enough*

For the first 3 months, i'm working as a Business Center attendant.
  1. Make Feedback, Incident, Negative Comment, Complaint reports 
  2. Prepare operational morning briefing for GM, RM, RDM and all of the hotel managers and every weekend always join the morning briefing to take the minutes HIKS :(
  3. Prepare the boardroom 12 to be used by internal or external guests
  4. Check lost & found item and do courtesy to the guests
  5. Due out courtesy
  6. Make the guest preferences (in house, arrival tomorrow, blablablahh)
  7. Make welcome and departure letter
  8. Do print, scan, fax, photocopy and all of their friends
  9. Make gift certificates
  10. etc. *can't mention one by one*
At first, it's quite hard to do all of the BC's job desk. But now i like this job <33
People change HAHAHA
Here i attached the picture of the hotel. ENJOY! ♥♥♥
ps : these photos are not taken by me, credit by The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung.

The Hotel Building

Dragon Cystal Lamp in the Lobby is so EYE CATCHING!!!! ♥
The Gym
The Restaurant
The RED (all in the red color)
Kids Club
The Pool Part I
The Pool Part II (like a sandy beach, I LIKE IT!)
The Lounge
Foyer in front of Trans Grand Ballroom
Trans Grand Ballroom
Living Room
Boardroom (Meeting Room)
The 18th
And one more, jenk jenk jenkkkkkkkkkkk~
My photo while i'm working *pardon me* HAHAHAHAHAHA

Bye, see you on the next post (:

ps : sorry for my bad grammar