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Monday, October 27, 2014

Cut my hair

lemme take a selfie
I just cut my hair two days ago at small saloon near my rent room.
I don't know what's the name of the hairstyle but i really like my new hairrrrrrrrrr ♥
After cut my hair, i did a photoshoot in my room.
ps: only closeup and half body because it's small space and i couldn't do fullbody photoshoot here :(

Which one better? With or without makeup?
Maybe in the next post, i should edit my photos first in the photoshop to make it brighter, smoother and of course prettier HAHAHAHA xD

No make up version:

no comment for this one HAHAHA
my favorite pose :p
small eyes

a little bit blurry but i like this one ♥♥♥

Make up version:

flat face and a bit blurry (again)

Cache cache crop tee
Houndstooth legging
Pink necklace (bought from online shop)
Panda earring (also bought from online shop)


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